UNLADYLIKE2020 Premieres at the 2020 Athena Film Festival

We had an incredible world premiere of four of our shorts at 
Athena Film Festival, at Barnard College in New York City- a weekend of films that tell the extraordinary stories of fierce and fearless women leaders. 

You can check out the line-up of UNLADYLIKE2020 shorts screened here. Each of our shorts opened for a compelling feature film, which also explored issues that the women in our series confronted and worked to change – from immigrants’ rights to equal pay, and more.

On the opening night of the festival, February 28, our short on Maggie Lena Walker, the first African American female bank president and a trailblazing civil rights activist opened for A Woman’s Work: The NFL’s Cheerleader Problem

On, Saturday, our short on Grace Abbott, social worker pioneer, champion of children, immigrants, and women’s rights opened for the very moving documentary Sanctuary

The first short in our series, on Bessie Colemanabout the first African American woman pilot, opened for the inspiring documentary, We are the Radical Monarchs, which was followed by an amazing panel discussion about youth education, and what it means to talk to children about systemic racism, gender inequality, and LGBTQAI rights

At the same time, our short on Ynés Mexíaa trailblazing Latina botanist opened for the beautiful film Stars By The Pound.

We were thrilled by the turn-outs at each of the screenings – and the love we felt for the series, and were moved and inspired by each of the films our shorts opened for. We had amazing conversations with students, women working in film, and amazing advocates for women’s rights all weekend.

Thank you to Athena Film Festival and everyone who came out to join us for the exciting premiere!

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