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UNLADYLIKE2020’s innovative digital content is an exciting way to engage middle and high school classrooms in U.S. history and women’s history. Lesson plans aligned with state and national standards for grades 6-12 are published on PBS LearningMedia, public television’s educational platform which reaches 1.6 million educators nationwide.

Tailored-made for middle and high school students, the UNLADYLIKE2020 curriculum, produced by WNET’s Kids Media & Education Department, can be accessed for free on PBS LearningMedia in both English and Spanish. UNLADYLIKE2020 educational resources are also available on the American Federation of Teachers’ Share My Lesson, and on the National Endowment for the Humanities’ EDSITEment.

Link to teaching resources related to individual UNLADYLIKE2020 women below:

What Educators and Students Are Saying About Us:

“UNLADYLIKE2020 is destined to become a favorite teaching tool from K-12 to college. This is a powerful, primary source-based documentary film series with an amazing artistic presentation that frankly, I’ve never seen before. This beautiful blend of history and art will make it stand out many years beyond this 2020 Centennial.” — Gabriela González, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, The University of Texas at San Antonio

“The UNLADYLIKE2020 series is a truly phenomenal resource that demonstrates what is possible with historic content. The series weaves together research, art and history in a way that pulls in the audience and connects them to the past. I highly recommend this resource for community and classroom educators who seek to inspire their audiences by bringing history to life.” — Leasa Graves, The National Women’s History Alliance

“UNLADYLIKE2020 is a pot of gold, especially for educators like me. Once the students see these women’s stories, their minds are blown.” — middle school teacher

“My 7 year old son watched UNLADYLIKE2020 and has been telling me what he learned. His words: ‘Women do a lot on Earth and people need to know it.'” — mom

“I needed a program like this at this time. It gives me courage and inspiration to continue the efforts to make the United States live up to its promise and its rhetoric.” — student

“I love this program so much I’m watching it for the third time! So fascinating and informative!” — student

“Thankfully, UNLADYLIKE2020 was created and has enlightened me. Love this format!  It’s wonderful that the stories of these amazing women are being told in this medium.” — student

“UNLADYLIKE2020 is an exciting way to engage middle and high school classrooms in U.S. history and women’s history.” — Big Deal Media: Trusted Resources for Educators