UNLADYLIKE2020’s First Episode Premieres on Refinery29

We’re very excited that our first episode of UNLADYLIKE2020, about aviator Bessie Coleman, the first African American woman pilot, premieres today on Refinery29, “the leading media and entertainment company focused on women with a global audience footprint of 249 million across all platforms.” Check it out here! Below is an excerpt from the feature on the series:

“In a time in which society strictly defined gender roles and laid out explicit expectations for what women were “supposed” to do, these women featured defied social norms in a major way. The documentary-style series looks deeper into the lives of powerful women like Bessie Coleman (the first Black person to earn an international pilot’s license) and Gertrude Ederle (the first woman to swim across the English channel), exploring the personal and professional challenges that they overcame to achieve their dreams.”

Stay tuned on our homepage (and Watch page) and our social media platforms (@UNLADYLIKE2020), where each of our 26 special short films will be posted every Wednesday!

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