We were very excited to be a part of this year’s AFI Docs Film Festival this year. The five-day festival took place online this year, and for the 18th year, celebrated the best in documentary film, and featured over 50 films from 11 countries, exploring social and political issues in the U.S. and across the world. Check out the films that were featured here!

Our one-hour special, airing this July 10 on PBS, American Masters – UNLADYLIKE2020 – The Changemakers screened at the festival, which explores the accomplishments and challenges of five pioneering women who paved the way over 100 years ago in American activism and politics- using their voices and power to run for elected office, organize for civil rights, and fight for citizen and voting rights. Stay tuned on our website for more info on this one-hour special!

The screening was followed by a discussion with UNLADYLIKE2020’s Executive Producer, Sandy Rattley, as well as UNLADYLIKE2020’s Series Creator, Director, and Producer, Charlotte Mangin. Sandy and Charlotte spoke about the challenges involved in creating UNLADYLIKE2020, and the challenges especially with documenting the stories of women of color throughout history.

As Sandy said, “For women of color, unless there were other women of color who committed themselves to documenting those stories, we would not have a record. So we feel as if the work we’re doing really contributes to that historical record, to make sure that those stories get to life on.”

You can catch a clip of this conversation, as well as other great talks with filmmakers throughout the festival in AFI’s Highlights from the Festival here!

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