UNLADYLIKE2020 Film on Jovita Idar Featured in Latino Rebels’ Interview with Maria Hinojosa

Latino Rebels interviewed award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa, host of NPR’s Latino USA, and founder of The Futuro Media Group, who is featured in our film on trailblazing journalist Jovita Idar.

We loved seeing what Maria had to say about Jovita Idar and being a part of UNLADYLIKE2020.

“Being introduced to Jovita Idar for me has been kind of life-changing. I never had a Latina journalist, like an independent, intellectual, writer, social justice, ethically correct, media entrepreneur, brown-skinned Spanish speaking American Latina Mexicana to ever look up to,” Hinojosa told Latino Rebels. “So for me to be introduced to her, it’s like she’s an angel.”

Check out the full interview and article here!

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